Friday, November 26, 2010

Introducing...'Locker Lives'!!!

Let's take a trip down memory lane, shall we? Just picture were ten or maybe even a teenager already - it's the early 90's and you are all about MC Hammer, Vuarnet t-shirts, criss-crossed overalls and big pouffy hair. You get home from school at around 4:30 and channel-surf till you come across that show - the one you hate for it's 80's inspired music, never-ending clich├ęs and tacky morality but love all the same for its catchy opening and naive simplistic view of a high school life you never had but always hoped for. You just have to see what happens next - will Zack and Kelly finally become an item? Will Jessie really overdose on speed? Will A.C Slater ever change that awful hair, not to mention the pants? Yes folks, I'm talking about the 90's hit show Saved by the Bell. Call it what you will, a high school hell-ground, a daytime-show nightmare but there was something about Saved by the Bell that left viewers wanting more. It is precisely this sentiment that we, at Ottawa Sketch plan to capitalize on, though not without some sarcasm and irony. We have just finished shooting the opening of our main sketch of the webseries called Locker Lives, a show loosely based on Saved by the Bell but not a parody...exactly. Like the hit show, Locker Lives will follow a group of archetypal teens as they make their way through the harrowing world of high school. The only difference is, the teens in this show are not teens at all - they're washed up actors in their 30s and 40s who've been on the show for over a decade, desperately clinging to their youth while begrudgingly acting in the only gig they can get in town. Locker Lives will centre mainly around the lives of the cast and crew of this teen dramedy off-set. So stay tuned for more updates on Ottawa Sketch's Locker Lives as we delve into the melodrama of what happens behind the scenes!

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